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Instance notation


Object specific
$aligntogrid If true, fields are snapped to the grid when they are moved
$backiconid The icon identifier of the report background image. If set, must refer to either an icon set icon or an icon in a page with alpha support. If set, it takes precedence over $backpicture
$backpicture The report background picture; if $backiconid is set, $backpicture is ignored
$borderpos Position mode for page borders in reports kBordPosLocal kBordPosMargins kBordPosPrintable
$bottommargin The report bottom margin
$callprintonexport If true, $print method is called when exporting data
$collectperformancedata This property is only applied when $root.$prefs.$collectperformancedata has the value kCPDmarkedClasses. If true, method execution performance data is collected for all methods in the class kFalse kTrue
$copies Number of copies to be printed
$exportformat The export format used by the report kEXcommas kEXnone kEXodt kEXopl kEXtabs kEXuser
$horzdpi Horizontal dots per inch when printing the image
$horzgrid The horizontal grid size
$horzoffset Horizontal offset for report background picture
$horzpages If true, the report is to print horizontal pages
$islabel If true, the report prints as a label report
$islist If true, the report uses data from a list
$labelcount The number of labels across the page
$labelwidth The width of each label
$leftmargin The report left margin
$loadpagesetup If true, the report instance will load the page setup data during construction
$mainfile The name of the main file
$mainlist The report main list
$orientation The paper orientation kOrientDefault kOrientLandscape kOrientPortrait
$osxdestname MacOS printer destination file path. The pathname of the output file when $osxdesttype is kPDF or kPostScript
$osxdesttype MacOS printer destination. A constant: kPrinter, kPDF or kPostScript. If the report destination is printer, and the job setup dialog is not opened, the constant specifies the actual destination. For file destinations, $osxdestname is the path kPDF kPostScript kPrinter
$pagesetupdata The report page setup data
$paper The paper type, kPa… constant (See paper type constants)
$paperlength The length of the paper
$paperwidth The width of the paper
$pathname The path to the class in the folder tree
$picturealign A kPAL... constant which, together with $horzscroll and $vertscroll (and $autoscroll for the JavaScript client), identifies where the picture will be positioned in the field kPALbottomCenter kPALbottomLeft kPALbottomRight kPALcenter kPALcenterLeft kPALcenterRight kPALstretch kPALtile kPALtopCenterkPALtopLeft kPALtopRight
$recordspacing The report record spacing
$repeatfactor The report repeat factor
$rightmargin The report right margin
$scale The scaling factor in percent
$showgrid If true, the window displays a dotted grid in design mode
$shownames If true, the report design window is to show object names instead of datanames
$sizetogrid If true, field sizes are restricted to being a multiple of the grid size
$topmargin The report top margin
$vertdpi Vertical dots per inch when printing the image
$vertoffset Vertical offset for report background picture
Standard $backcolor $backpattern $bordercolor $classdata $classtype $componenticon $componenttype $createdate $desc $designtaskname $disksize $effect$external $forecolor $ident $issupercomponent $linestyle $moddate $name $parentfolder $showascheckedout $superclass $userinfo $version


$clearperformancedata $clearperformancedata() clears the performance data for all methods in the class
$findandreplace $findandreplace(cFind, cReplace [,bIgnoreCase=kTrue, bWholeWord=kFalse, bRegExp=kFalse, bClearLog=kFalse]) replaces all instances in the class of cFind with cReplace. Returns a row of status information. bClearLog=kTrue clears the log first
$isa $isa(rClass) Returns true if the class or instance is a subclass of the specified class
$makeperformancedatalist $makeperformancedatalist() Returns a list containing the performance data collected for all methods in the class
$makesubclass $makesubclass(cName [,bAddLibPrefixForClib=kFalse]) creates a new subclass of the class, with the specified name (which can be prefixed by a library); bAddLibPrefixForClib controls whether $superclass of the new class has a library name prefix
$open $open([cInstname,cons-params]) starts an instance of the report;cInstName = '*' means Omnis creates instance name. Passes cons-params to $construct. Returns item reference to report instance
$openonce $openonce([cInstname,cons-params]) starts an instance of the report, if no instance is open; cInstName = '*' means Omnis creates instance name. Passes cons-params to $construct if a new instance is opened. Returns item reference to report instance


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