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Instance notation


Object specific
$createinstancewhensubtype If true, Omnis creates a table instance when the class is used as a list or row variable subtype; if false, Omnis only uses the subtype to define the list or row. This property has no effect on other uses of the schema class
$pathname The path to the class in the folder tree
$servertablename The name of the table or view on the server, to which the schema corresponds
Standard $classdata $classtype $componenticon $componenttype $createdate $desc $disksize $external $ident $moddate $name $parentfolder $showascheckedout $userinfo $version


$findandreplace $findandreplace(cFind, cReplace [,bIgnoreCase=kTrue, bWholeWord=kFalse, bRegExp=kFalse, bClearLog=kFalse]) Replaces all instances in the class of cFind with cReplace. Returns a row of status information.bClearLog=kTrue clears the log first