Parent: $root.$libs.LIB.$windows.WINDOW

The group of background objects for the class or instance or container


Object specific
$add $add(type [,cComponentLibrary, cComponentControl], iTop, iLeft, iHeight, iWidth) inserts a new object and returns an item reference to it
type is a constant: one of kComponent,kLabel,kLine,kOval,kRect,kRect3D,kRoundrect,kText 
If type is kComponent, you must supply the otherwise optional parameters cComponentLibrary and cComponentControl to identify a background object external component that works with windows. 
iTop, iLeft, iHeight and iWidth specify the pixel coordinates and pixel dimensions of the object.
$remove $remove(rItem) deletes the object from the class; rItem is an item reference to the object to delete
Standard $addafter $addbefore $appendlist $count $findident $first $insertlist $makelist $next $sendall


kBackpicture kLabel kLine kOval
kRect kRect3D kRoundrect kText
String Label Tile Wash