Parent: $root.$libs.LIB.$windows.WINDOW

The group of objects for the class or instance or container


Object specific
$add $add(type [,cComponentLibrary, cComponentControl], iTop, iLeft, iHeight, iWidth) inserts a new object and returns an item reference to it
type is a constant, for example kTreeList; note that you cannot use a type constant that specifies a background object (see $bobjs). 
If type is kComponent, you must supply the otherwise optional parameters cComponentLibrary and cComponentControl to identify a foreground object external component that works with windows. 
iTop, iLeft, iHeight and iWidth specify the pixel coordinates and pixel dimensions of the object.
$remove $remove(rItem) deletes the object from the class; rItem is an item reference to the object to delete
Standard $addafter $addbefore $appendlist $count $findident $findname $first $insertlist $makelist $next $sendall


ActiveX Button Area Calendar Control Check Box
Check List Clock Control Color DropList Control Color palette
Combo Box Complex Grid Data Grid Dropdown List
Entry FadePict Control FileDropList Control FileList Control
FilterList Control Fisheye Flic Control FORMROLL Control
Gif Control Graph2 Group Box Headed List Box
HelpMethods HOTPICT Control HTML Control HYPLINKS Control
Icon Array Icon DropList Control IconArray Control Java Bean
JPEG Control Line DropList Control List Box Marquee Control
Masked Entry Field MCI Control Modify Report Field MoviePlayer Control
Multi-Line Entry Field OLE Picture OmnisIcn Control Paged Pane
Pattern DropList Control PCX Control PicList Control Picture
Popup List Popup Menu Progress Control Push Button
Radio Button Rtf Viewer Screen Report Field Scroll Box
Shape Field Sidebar Control Slider Control SpreadSheet Grid Control
Stix Control String Grid Subwindow Tab Pane
Tab Strip TabBar Control Timer(MilliSeconds) Control Timer(Seconds) Control
Tooltip Control TransButton Control Tree Tree List
WAV Control Zoom Control