$root.$libs.LIB.$windows.WINDOW.$objs.Data Grid

Parent: $root.$libs.LIB.$windows.WINDOW.$objs

Instance notation

Presents the data in tabular format and lets you enter text data into the cells. You can size the columns by clicking on the header buttons.


Object specific
$autosize If true, the data grid sizes rows according to the contents
$autosizeheight The maximum number of lines (2-100) when autosize is kTrue
$canresizecolumns If true, the user can use the mouse to resize the columns of the object
$cellbordercolor The color used to draw the grid cell borders
$columnactive If true, the column is active
$columndatacol The column from which to map data. Either a list column number, or for the JavaScript client data grid a list column number or name
$columnenabled If true, the column is enabled
$columnforecolor The foreground color of the column
$columnheadercolor The color of the header
$columnheadertextcolor The text color of the header
$columnjst The alignment of the column
kCenterJst kLeftJst kRightJst
$columnname The name of the column
$columnnames The names of the columns
$columnpicklist The name of the picklist for the column
$columnrawpictformat If set,it indicates the type of picture data that is stored in the column; set it to one of the picture conversion types, or *ALL to mean any supported type is allowed
$columntextcolor The text color of the column
$columntype Specifies how data is handled for the column. One of the data grid type constants
kDataGridAutoData kDataGridComboPicker kDataGridDroplistPicker kDataGridIcon
$columnwidth The width of the column in pixels (or if allowed by the control, a percentage of the control width)
$currentcolumn The current design column
$defaultheight The default height of a grid cell
$defaultwidth The default width of a column
$designrows The number of design mode rows the grid will show
$disabledefaultcontextmenu If true, the default context menu for the object will not be generated in response to a context click ($clib.$disabledefaultcontextmenu and $cobj.$disabledefaultcontextmenu must both be false for the menu to be generated)
$extendable If true, the grid automatically extends to allow the user to enter more lines
$fixedcol If true, the grid has a first fixed vertical column
$fixedrow If true, the grid has a first fixed horizontal row
$gridendcolor The color used to draw empty space after the end of the data
$hscrolltips If true,the control uses a tooltip to indicate the horizontal scroll position
$listheight The maximum number of lines displayed in the dropped list for a combo box or dropdown list. For the data grid, this property applies to combo boxes or dropdown lists used to manipulate cell data. Ignored for objects on OSX style top toolbars
$showbinarylength If true,the data grid displays the length of binary data,and also allows the droplist button for a cell to open a modal window to edit list,row and binary columns
$shownulls If true, the field displays null values using the text 'NULL'
$userdefined If true,the datagrid is developer defined and not automatic
$vscrolltips If true,the control uses a tooltip to indicate the vertical scroll position.For JavaScript client complex grid tooltip is either return value of client-executed method $getscrolltip(row) or column 1 of the list if the method is not present
Standard $active $bordercolor $candropcursor $container $contextmenu $cursor $dataname $disablesystemfocus $dragborder $dragiconid $dragmode $dragrange $dropmode $edgefloat $effect $enabled $fieldstyle $font $fontsize $fontstyle $forecolor $framehwnd $gridcolumn $hasfocus $height $helpfile $horzscroll $hscroll $hwnd $ident $keyevents $left $linestyle $mouseevents $name $nodropcursor $objtype $order $rmouseevents $selected $statusevents $textcolor $tooltip $top $userinfo $vertscroll $visible $vscroll $width