$root.$libs.LIB.$windows.WINDOW.$objs.Headed List Box

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Instance notation

headed list box is a type of window field that displays data from a list variable in a table format. You can add button style headers to each column of the list on which the user can click to sort the data. You can also make the columns sizeable, and set other properties that control its appearance.


Object specific
$boldheader If true, the heading has a bold font
$buttonstyle The drawing style of a button:kSystemButton,kUserButton,kNoBorderButton,kHeadingButton,kComboButton,kRoundButton,or kLargeRoundButton.For headed and tree lists,this is the style of the header button: either kSystemButton or kUserButton
kSystemButton kUserButton
$calculation The calculation used to format the variable for display
$candragdisplayorder If true,and $enableheader is also true,the user can drag and drop a column in the header,to change $displayorder
$canresizecolumns If true, the user can use the mouse to resize the columns of the object
$columnnames The names of the columns
$columnwidths Comma separated list of column widths,expressed in pixels
$contentlinecolor The color of lines drawn in the content of the control.kColorDefault means draw dotted lines.All other values mean draw single pixel lines of the specified color
$defaultwidth The default width of a column
$designcols The number of design mode columns the control will show
$disablecolumntooltips If true, automatic column tooltips are disabled for the headed list.Unless this property is set to kTrue, the headed list automatically generates a tooltip for a column if the text for the column is too long to fully display
$dropbetweenlines If true, the object highlights between lines during drag and drop
$enableheader If true, the headings can be clicked on
$headerfillcolor The fill color for the grid or headed list box header
$headerfontsize The font size for the text in the header;if this is zero,the header text font size is $fontsize
$headertextcolor The text color for the header
$hideheader If true, the heading is hidden
$hiliteline If true, the object highlights lines during drag and drop
$hiliteonecol Column number for highlight. If greater than zero, the column with this number is the only highlighted column when a line is selected. To highlight whole lines when selected, set this property to zero
$linehtextra The number of extra pixels added to the height of each list line
$maxeditchars The maximum number of characters allowed when editing the text for an icon, or headed list box column; zero means editing is not allowed
$multipleselect If true, the field allows the user to select more than one line
$showcolumnlines If true, the control displays lines between columns
$showrowlines If true, row lines will be shown
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