$root.$libs.LIB.$windows.WINDOW.$objs.HYPLINKS Control

Parent: $root.$iwindows.WINDOW.$objs

Instance notation


Object specific
$::iconid The icon ID of an image that can be used as a skin
$::leftmargin The extra space at the left before links are drawn
$::scale True if the icon is scaled to the size of the control
$::topmargin The extra space at the top before links are drawn
$::vertical If true,the links are drawn vertically
$extraspace Extra spacing between links
$hilitecolor The color hyperlinks are drawn in when the mouse is over
$showarrows If true,scroll arrows are supported
$tooltipcolumn The number of the list column that contains the tooltip for each link; if $tooltipcolumn is zero,or the column for the link is empty,then the tooltip is the link itself, and it is only displayed if the link is only partially visible
Standard $active $align $backcolor $backpattern $candropcursor $componentctrl $componentlib $componentvalid $container $contextmenu $cursor $dataname $disablefocus $disablesystemfocus $dragborder $dragiconid $dragmode $dragrange $dropmode $edgefloat $effect $enabled $fieldstyle $font $fontsize $fontstyle $forecolor $framehwnd $gridcolumn $hasfocus $height $helpfile $hwnd $ident $keyevents $left $mouseevents $name $nodropcursor $objtype $order $rmouseevents $selected $statusevents $textcolor $tooltip $top $userinfo $visible $width