$root.$libs.LIB.$windows.WINDOW.$objs.JPEG Control

Parent: $root.$libs.LIB.$windows.WINDOW.$objs

Instance notation


Object specific
$about() Open the about dialog
$calculated If true, the field is calculated
$calculation The calculation used to format the variable for display
$fast If true,fast (less accurate) processing is required
$imageheight Height of image
$imagewidth Width of image
$keepaspectratio If true, and $noscale is false,the aspect ratio of the picture is maintained when it is scaled
$noscale If true, the picture field does not scale the picture
$nosmooth If true,smooth output is not required
$path The path of the image
$picturealign kPAL... constant which,together with $horzscroll and $vertscroll (and $autoscroll for the JavaScript client),identifies where the picture will be positioned in the field
kPALbottomCenter kPALbottomLeft kPALbottomRight kPALcenter kPALcenterLeft kPALcenterRight kPALtopCenter kPALtopLeft kPALtopRight
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