$root.$libs.LIB.$windows.WINDOW.$objs.MoviePlayer Control

Parent: $root.$libs.LIB.$windows.WINDOW.$objs

Instance notation


Object specific
$action Perform an action
kQTActionGotoBack kQTActionGotoFront kQTActionNone kQTActionPause kQTActionPlay kQTActionReverse kQTActionStepFwdkQTActionStepRev kQTActionStop
$allowedit If true,the movie can be edited
$audiolevel The audio level of the current movie
$badge If true,a badge will appear when the controller is hidden
$centermovie If true, the movie is centered on the control
$currenttime The current time of the movie
$dragenabled If true,the movie frame can be dragged out
$hastexttrack If true,the movie has a text track
$keysenabled If true,the keyboard keys are enabled for the movie
$loop If true,the movie is to loop
$movieduration The duration of the movie
$moviefile Get/Set the movie filename
$movieheight The height of the movie in pixels
$movieloaded If true,a movie is loaded
$movieurl Get/Set the movie URL
$moviewidth The width of the movie in pixels
$palindrome If true,the movie is in palindrome mode
$playrate The play back rate of the movie
$preferredplaybackrate Use the preferred playback rate of the movie
$scaling The current scaling which the movie uses
kQTScaleField kQTScaleKeepAspectRatio kQTScaleNoAspectRatio kQTScaleNone kQTScaleProportional
$selectiononly Plays only the selected frames
$showcontroller If true,the movie controller is shown
$showeveryframe If true,every frame is played,and there is no sound
$showtexttrack If true,the text track is shown
$suppresscontrols Which controls are suppressed from the controller
$trackcount The number of tracks in the movie
$tracks Returns the tracks types which are available in the movie.
$usewindowpalette If true,the window palette is used
Standard $active $candropcursor $componentctrl $componentlib $componentvalid $container $contextmenu $cursor $dataname $disablefocus $disablesystemfocus $dragborder $dragiconid $dragmode $dragrange $dropmode $edgefloat $effect $enabled $fieldstyle $framehwnd $gridcolumn $hasfocus $height $helpfile $hwnd $ident $keyevents $left $mouseevents $name $nodropcursor $objtype $order $rmouseevents $selected $statusevents $tooltip $top $userinfo $visible $width