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Instance notation

Paged panes are similar to tab panes except that they have no tabs; you can switch the current pane or page using a tab strip, a set of radio buttons, a pushbutton, or some other field.


Object specific
$currentpage The current page.For the window paged pane object,assigning a different value to $currentpage at runtime generates an evTabSelected event
$pagecount The page count for the control
$pagename Design mode page name
Standard $active $backcolor $backgroundtheme $backpattern $bordercolor $candropcursor $container $contextmenu $cursor $dragborder $dragiconid $dragmode $dragrange $dropmode $edgefloat $effect $enabled $fieldstyle $forecolor $framehwnd $gridcolumn $hasfocus $height $helpfile $horzscroll $hscroll $hwnd $ident $keyevents $left $mouseevents $name $nodropcursor $objtype $order $rmouseevents $selected $statusevents $tooltip $top $userinfo $vertscroll $visible $vscroll $width


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