SYBASE statement

Parent: SYBASE session


Object specific
$bindshort0dpassmallint If kTrue, Short number 0dp parameters are bound as SMALLINTs
$cterrorlayer Layer at which error occurred
$cterrornumber Error number
$cterrororigin Origin of error
$cterrorseverity Severity of error
$effectivebatchsize The revised batch size being used for the current statement
$emptystringisblank If kTrue, empty strings will be inserted as a single blank
$nativewarntext Information or warning generated by the last operation
$rpcparamspending An rpc parameter result set is pending
Standard $batchsize $columncount $columndelimiter $errorcode $errortext $maxbuffersize $nativeerrorcode $nativeerrorpending $nativeerrortext $resultspending$rowcount $rowdelimiter $rowsaffected $rowsfetched $rpcreturnvalue $sqlstripspaces $sqltext $state $statementname $usecursor


Object specific
$cancelresultset $cancelresultset() Cancel the current result set
$writelob $writelob(vVariable,cTablename,cColumnname[,cWHERE-clause,bUselog=kTrue]) update a single image or text column
Standard $clear $columns $execdirect $execute $fetch $fetchinto $fetchtofile $indexes $nextnativeerror $prepare $results $rpc $rpcparameters $rpcprocedures $tables