Standard DAM Session Properties

The properties listed here are standard properties of DAM session objects. DAM sessions which have a standard property only include the property name in their property table - please use the entry here to read about the property.

Property Description
$allowstransactions The DBMS supports transactions
$apiversion The version of the client api the object was built with
$autobegintran Transaction automatically started on commit/rollback
$blobsize Default binary object size
$charmap Denotes the character set used for mapping kSessionCharMapNative kSessionCharMapOmnis kSessionCharMapTable
$commitmode Commit mode kSessionCommitClose kSessionCommitDelete kSessionCommitPreserve
$damname The name of the dam object
$defaultdate Default date used for DateTime values
$emptydateisnull Treat empty datetimes as NULL values for inserts and updates
$errorcode Error code generated by last session command (See Statement error codes)
$errortext Error text generated by last session command
$hostname Database name or alias used for connection
$lobchunksize The size of chunks used to send large character and binary data
$lobthreshold Threshold at which large character and binary data is chunked
$maptable File name defining the character mapping tables
$nativeerrorcode Native error code generated by last session command
$nativeerrorpending Denotes further native errors are available for the session
$nativeerrortext Native error text generated by last session command
$password Password used for connection
$rollbackmode Rollback mode kSessionRollbackClose kSessionRollbackDelete kSessionRollbackPreserve
$sqldecimalseparator Decimal separator used by server
$sqlstripspaces Denotes whether character data has trailing spaces stripped
$sqlthousandseparator Thousand separator used by server
$state Session state kSessionStateLoggedOff kSessionStateLoggedOn
$transactionmode Transaction mode kSessionTranAutomatic kSessionTranManual kSessionTranServer
$username User name used for connection
$version The version of the database the session is logged on to