Standard Methods

The methods listed here are standard methods that apply to many different items. Items which have a standard method only include the method name in their event table - please use the entry here to read about the method.

Method Description
$canclose $canclose(bQuit) tests if the instance can be closed. Returns kTrue if it can be closed, kFalse if not. When quitting there may be calls with bQuit=kTrue, to test if it can close. When it is finally closed, there is a call with bQuit=kFalse
$close $close() attempts to close the instance
$redraw $redraw([bSetcontents=kTrue, bRefresh=kFalse, bBobjs=kFalse]) redraws the window or field; when called as $root.$redraw(), it applies to all open windows. bSetContents loads control data, bRefresh refreshes the screen bBobjs redraws background objects