External objects


$autoreset The timer will reset its parameters after returning from an evTimer.
$queueevent If true, the event will be queued PLUS the timer will need to be reset manually regardless of $autoreset setting
$reentrant If true, the timer event can be generated while the previous timer event is being processed
$timeleft The amount of time left until the timer will expire (if the timer is a millisecond timer then the value is an integer, otherwise it is a date value containing the time left)
$timervalue The duration of the timer
$useseconds If true, $timervalue is a value in seconds; otherwise it is a value in milliseconds


$resettimer Stops, and then restarts the timer, using the current value of $timervalue
$starttimer Starts the timer, using the current value of $timervalue
$stoptimer Stops the timer
$timer Method called when the timer has expired