Put yourself on the Omnis Developer Map!

Mark Phillips of Mophilly & Associates has created an interactive map on the ZeeMaps web site showing where Omnis developers are located in all parts of the world. The ZeeMaps site was created using Google Maps and allows a network of people to show how they are geographically located. The question that really interested Mark was "where are my fellow developers?", so that's why he created Dev Mapthe map and posted a note to the Omnis List inviting developers to add markers for themselves.

There are now over 450 entries on the map, and the number continues to grow. The majority of Omnis developers who added markers are located in Europe, North and Central America, as well as a dozen or so in Australia and New Zealand. One claims to be in Antartica (obviously a Linux fan). There are developers in South Africa and South America, and many other parts of the world, so Mark encourages all developers to join the map.

How to add your marker:

Go to the Omnis map at: http://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=305. Click on "Login" and enter "omnisian". To add a new marker, click "Add Marker", or to change an existing marker, click on your marker to display the information bubble. Click on your name in the top of the bubble, and a dialog should appear. Make the desired changes and click "submit". There is a color coded legend to allow you characterize your business activity (Consultant, In-house developer, etc).