Convert your Omnis 7 applications to Omnis Studio


Omnis 7 was a popular and highly successful development environment used by many thousands of developers worldwide. Omnis Studio was released in 1997, and many developers converted their Omnis 7 applications to Studio, which is now the preferred environment for developing enterprise, web and mobile based applications. We provide a range of conversion tools and services to help you move your Omnis 7 application to Omnis Studio.

Conversion Tools
Libraries, documentation, help files and technical notes to aid developers in converting applications from Omnis 7 to Studio.
Migration Service
A chargeable service which provides developers with all the latest files, documentation and personal technical help.
Conversion FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions on the differences between Omnis 7 and Omnis Studio, and tips on the conversion process.
Case Studies
Comments from developers using Omnis Studio and case studies highlighting the successful deployment of Omnis Studio applications.

For more details on converting from Omnis 7 to Omnis Studio contact your local Sales representative.