Omnis 7 On-going Support

Support for Omnis 7 had been previously included with Omnis Studio support programs, however, from October 31st 2001 all Studio support programs are for Studio developers only. A separate support program was available for Omnis 7 developers, called the On-going Support Program.

We encourage Omnis 7 developers to convert to Omnis Studio and have provided various resources under Conversion to help, including conversion tools, FAQs, case studies, and a Migration Service.

The On-going Support Program offered Omnis 7 developers a protection policy against environment changes that affect the viability of their applications. Solutions were provided to problems resulting from changes to third-party operating systems and/or databases, which may have caused Omnis 7 applications to no longer run. No technical support for Omnis 7 is given, technical issues were addressed in upgrades to existing Omnis 7.3 version 8 developer and runtime editions.

A prerequisite to the On-going Support Program is that developers must be a member of the Omnis Developer Partner Program, and that existing 7 developer kits and runtimes be upgraded to Omnis 7.3 v8.

Developers who wished to purchase the On-going Support Program should have signed-up before 31st October 2001. Those who join after this date will incur full program costs backdated to the 31st October 2001, plus a 10% surcharge. All Omnis 7 support contracts were replaced by the On-going Support Program effective from 31st October 2001.

For more details on converting from Omnis 7 to Omnis Studio contact your local Sales representative.