We appreciate the enormous functional range of Omnis Studio which is very well organised and easy to use.... Whenever we discover a problem in our code, the excellent debugger helps us to quickly locate the error, which means we don't have to contact the Omnis support hotline very often, even though it is phenomenal.  
Sven Tiemann, Developer

Case management solution is market leader for Swiss legal bodies

The solution for legal bodies: The JURIS application is a comprehensive solution for legal and administrative bodies including legal companies, law courts, and other public administration bodies. It can manage all aspects of legal cases and workflow from start to finish, as well as contacts (including a Twixtel interface, a CD based telephone book), full document management, and full-scale financial accounting (debtors, creditors, bookkeeping, report generator with customisable layouts).

JURIS also incorporates comprehensive security with views, rolls and profiles, plus it has a powerful information retrieval system, called Findinfo, for searching all case-related notes and information. The FindInfo-WEB module provides access to court decisions via the Internet, and is used by the Administrative Court of Zurich (www.vg r zh.ch), by the Administrative Tribunal of Vaud (www.ta.vd.ch) and the Canton of Tessin (www.sentenze.ti.ch).

Abraxas Juris AG can offer their customers a wide range of web solutions, while the objects and methods of JURIS and FindInfo can be provided on an application server (mid-tier) for various front ends including Omnis Web Client, Omnis Ultra-thin client, JAVA, and so on.

The JURIS application can be fully customised to meet the diverse requirements at each customer site. Multiple languages are supported at runtime, and even mixed language installations are possible since they are required by the federal government.

About Abraxas Juris AG: Based in Switzerland, Abraxas Juris AG was founded in 1988 by brothers Martin and Roland Grah and today employs 16 people. About half of the team work in IT, such as system analysis and programming, while the other half provide customer care, including tech support, help with implementation and project management.

Abraxas Juris AG has used most versions of Omnis, from Omnis Quartz & Omnis 5, right up to the present with Omnis Studio. The current version of Omnis provides many possibilities for object oriented design, including the implementation of JAVA applets to design their software for the management of complex business cases. With their applications JURIS and FindInfo, available in German, French and Italian, they are specialised in the Legal software market in Switzerland catering for courts, bureaus of investigation, the penal system, and prison administration. In Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein, Abraxas Juris AG is the market leader for legal software with approximately 2500 installed users.

Abraxas Juris AG
Wartstrasse 12
8400 Winterthur, Switzerland

Email: juris@abraxas.ch
Tel: +41 (0)52 265 13 13
Web: www.abraxas.ch

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