We would not have been able to achieve such high functionality and performance over the web with any other development environment
Holger Küchenmeister: Senior Developer, comTeam

ElectronicPartner is Europe's leading alliance of consumer electronics and electrical retailers, representing over 6000 service-oriented IT dealers, retail outlets and system houses in 12 European countries . To succeed in the highly competitive IT and CE retail market, retailers and system houses need up-to-date information about price and availability of thousands of consumer and business electrical products, from more than one hundred different suppliers. To help its members get this information, comTeam - the IT and TC system houses alliance of ElectronicPartner - built a software solution to investigate and compare daily prices from suppliers and to allow orders to be placed just with a few mouse clicks. Using Omnis Studio, comTeam developed a system called 'TradersGuide' which is now available to all members of the comTeam alliance right across Europe.

The 'TradersGuide' web application is accessible in any standard web browser and provides detailed information about several thousands of products and greatly simplifies the purchasing process for all comTeam members. They no longer have to obtain information from individual vendors, rather they have all the necessary information in one place, and now comparing prices, checking availability and placing orders has been made very easy using the TradersGuide system. The individual users of the TradersGuide system very quickly realised the advantages of the new system: "With just a few clicks, the price and availability information that TradersGuide provides has increased the productivity of purchasing departments significantly", commented Martin Czialla, Managing Director of the comTeam system house in Remscheid, Germany.

The 'TradersGuide' system is entirely configurable for each comTeam member. "Besides the personal design, our purchase order platform adopts the individual discounts of each member with the different suppliers and the availability in real time. In this respect, every dealer can see his individual purchase price," explains Julian Riedlbauer, managing director of comTeam. "A comparable purchase order system with this range of functionality, performance and user-friendliness is not available today, elsewhere on the market as far as we know".

Holger Küchenmeister, Senior Developer of comTeam on the 'TradersGuide' development project, said: "The outstanding productivity of the Omnis web technology enabled us to develop the TradersGuide system in a short time and with relatively few resources. We would not have been able to achieve such high functionality and performance over the web with any other development environment."

About comTeam:  comTeam is the IT solutions division of ElectronicPartner, Europe's largest alliance of independent consumer and business electrical product vendors. ComTeam members operate independently, providing IT solutions and systems support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as public authorities. In addition, members of comTeam can use the TradersGuide system to source and purchase products for their own customers.

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