Omnis has been the ultimate development tool for us to deliver what our clients demand - fast paced, responsive development...
David Blaymires, Managing Director Instinct Systems Ltd.

Australian developer delivers fast paced, responsive project management system using Omnis Studio

In a service-based company it is important to convert the expertise, ideas, imagination and talent of the people within the company into realisable assets that will generate revenues. It is just as important to have a software solution to manage and assist the process of creating such intellectual capital for the company. One such solution is JobBag, a sophisticated business management solution designed specifically for service-based industries such as advertising agencies, graphic arts, software development, or other professional services such as public relations, architecture and engineering.

The common element in all service-based businesses is that they are doing jobs (projects) for their clients that they need to manage from start to finish. The process of managing the job is often fast paced, complex and multi-faceted. JobBag clients can record, control and manage their business process, and the value that they create, from the point of "wooing" the client all the way through to producing their financial statements - from Brief to Balance Sheet.
"Omnis has been the ultimate development tool for us to deliver what our clients demand - fast paced, responsive development to their requests for enhancements to JobBag, that gives them the system to control their whole business process" said David Blaymires, Managing Director of Instinct Systems Ltd, developers of JobBag. " As Omnis has developed, providing more sophisticated development tools, the result has been a richer, more comprehensive and valuable system for our clients to use."
"For example, we've been able to respond quickly to complex changes in the local regulatory environment, and take advantage of changes in technology that allow our clients to document and communicate the substance of their business process via e-mail and PDF formats. This has increased the level of service to their clients, improved the level of documentation and substantiation of the business process, and lowered the cost of making their business work. JobBag has been developed in Omnis for more than 20 years. We have also made the move to Omnis Studio v4 that has given our clients an even greater edge."

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