Omnis Studio has made the process of replacing our existing ERP system simple to manage, debug and maintain, and has spared time to make enhancements along the way.
Andrew Lumley, Systems Analyst, PWS Distributors Limited

PWS have used Omnis since 1991 to enhance the capabilities offered by existing off-the-shelf ERP and warehousing systems, integrate systems, introduce electronic workflow and streamline business processes. Omnis enables the company to focus on business requirements rather than technology, with true rapid development, problem free deployment, scalability and reuse through inheritance. For almost a year PWS has worked towards replacing their existing ERP system with a system written entirely in house - a decision that was not taken lightly. Inevitably this required changes to the back end of the already successful real-time Java and XML based eCommerce solutions - with 2,100 users currently registered.

Although originally intended to be handed to an outside contractor PWS decided to bring the project in house using Omnis Studio. This combined building web service and API based frameworks to provide XML result feeds for enquiries, enabling the marketing department to design and control the front end, and a remote form plug-in to enrich order entry. The technology was soon proven when a pilot product search was put together and the oXML plug-in was utilised to handle XML based sales orders. Since its launch the new site's popularity has continued. The initial teething problems were surprisingly minimal and were mainly tuning issues. Omnis Studio has made the process simple to manage, debug and maintain, and has spared time to make a few enhancements along the way.

About PWS: PWS Distributors are a leading UK trade distributor of kitchen components to manufacturers, retailers and installers of fitted kitchens.  PWS offer a product range comprising over 6000 ex-stock lines with an emphasis on good design, service, quality and innovation.

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