Omnis Technical Note TNWE0010

Configuring the Apache WebServer module on OS X for use with the Omnis Server

For Omnis Studio 3.0+
By Dan Cawdery

This tech note describes how you configure the Apache Web Server module on Mac OS X for use with the Omnis Server serving Omnis web applications.


Under System Preferences / Sharing stop the web sharing.

Due to the permissions on OS-X you must first make the /etc/httpd/httpd.conf file editable by a user.

If you have not already done so you must activate the root account - to do this open the netinfo manager and you will see the options under domain/security.

Open a terminal and type 'su - root'. You will be prompted for the password you gave above.

Change directory to /etc/httpd ('cd /etc/httpd').

To change the permissions type: 'chmod 777 httpd.conf'
Leave this window open so that at the end the permissions can be put back.

Open textedit
File/Open type in the 'Go to' box: /etc/httpd/httpd.conf and check the 'Ignore rich text commands' check box.
Click open.

Scroll down to the 'Load Module' section and add at the end:
LoadModule omnis_module libexec/httpd/

Below this is the 'Add Module' section, add the following: AddModule mod_omnis.cpp

Scroll down further, towards the end of the file you will see <location> entries. Somewhere in these add:
<location /omnis_apache>
SetHandler omnis-apache

Save and close the file.

Go back to the terminal window used to change the permissions and type 'chmod 644 httpd.conf'.

To copy to /usr/libexec/httpd type (in the same terminal):
cp "/applications/omnis studio 3.1/webclient/server/"
(including the quotes)

Type exit a couple of times and close the terminal window.

Start the web sharing.

Finally, you need to add the "/omnis_apache" parameter in your html form Get method:
<form method="Get" action="/omnis_apache">