Quick Start Course

Build a solid foundation in Studio development techniques.

Course Prerequisites

  • Previous 3GL or 4GL programming experience
  • Basic understanding of Object-Orientated programming concepts
  • Basic understanding of Client/Server architecture, relational database concepts and SQL

Course Objectives

Build an application from start to finish

  • Get started using Omnis Studio Wizards
  • Build parent-child windows and reports
  • Manage multiple instances of the same class
  • Integrate data from multiple sources (SQL database, FTP site)

Learn to work with the Omnis development environment

  • Use the SQL Browser to manage your database
  • Manage your application with the Studio Browser and Component Store
  • Use the Notation Inspector and Property Manager to customize your application components
  • Powerful, easy-to-use debugger

Learn important Omnis concepts and development techniques

  • Object-Orientated data management using schema and table classes
  • Integration of Omnis, ActiveX and External components
  • Easy-to-use advanced GUI components such as Tab Panes, Grids and Tree Lists
  • Client-side transaction management using Smart Lists

Build a solid foundation of Omnis Studio concepts and techniques

  • Learn enough so that you can continue to learn independently

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