Web and Mobile Development Course

Learn how to create Web and Mobile apps with Omnis Studio and the JavaScript Client

Omnis Studio and the new JavaScript Client let you create web and mobile apps that will run on virtually any device, on any platform, including desktop PCs, web-enabled TVs, tablets, and smartphones on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. With the new JavaScript based Remote Forms (that support HTML5 and CSS3 standards), and over 30 ready-made JavaScript based components, Omnis Studio and the knowledge you acquire on this course will help you get your applications onto the web and mobile devices, fast.

Course Prerequisites

  • Previous 3GL or 4GL programming experience
  • Basic understanding of Object-Orientated programming concepts
  • Basic understanding of application design, relational databases and SQL
  • Attendance of the Quick Start course is preferred although not essential

Contents of the Course

You will create a simple web application that uses an SQL backend.

Creating a library

  • Setting up the library
  • Class design and conventions
  • Programming concepts

Creating the SQL backend

  • Setting up a connection to the SQL data
  • SQL classes and using super classes
  • SQL error handler

Creating the Web/Mobile front end

  • Creating a JavaScript Remote form
  • Using the JavaScript components
  • Advanced Notation and Custom properties
  • Using subwindows and pop-up windows
  • Messaging concepts
  • Creating a dynamic menu system
  • Implementing grants to individual remote form objects
  • Localizing forms and objects

Deploying your Web or Mobile app

  • The Omnis App Server
  • Deploying your library and remote forms