Omnis Function Reference

Omnis Software Ltd
July 2019


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This manual lists all the functions available in Omnis Studio. The functions are in alphabetical order, but note that the external functions are prefixed with their respective package name, e.g. Fileops, OJSON, OXML, StringTable, etc. You can find a complete list of functions in Omnis in the Catalog (press F9) arranged in functional groups.

Each function listed here has the following information, as well as the syntax, description, and an Omnis code example.

Function group Execute on Client Platform(s)
The group within the Omnis Catalog (F9). Whether or not (YES/NO) the function can be executed in a client method in the JavaScript Client Which platform the function is available on, including: Windows, macOS, Linux; All indicates the command is available on all platforms

IMPORTANT NOTES: Support for the JavaObjs Library functions $addclass() and $resetclasscache() has been removed in Studio 10, but the library is available from support if required. The OWEB functions have been removed but replaced by the OW3 group.

Function Groups

Binary Field Class Client String Table Compression
Date and Time DNet External functions Field
FileOps Financial Font handling FontOps
General List Logarithmic Lookup
Mouse Number OJSON Omnis PDF Device
OmnisIcn Library OmnisICalendar OW3 OXML
Picture PortProfile Random RESTful
String StringTable Trigonometric Unicode

Client Functions

The following functions can be executed in a client method in the JavaScript Client.

abs() acos() alt() asin()
atan() atan2() br() callprivate()
cap() cmd() con() cos()
ctrl() dadd() dat() dim()
dtcy() dtd() dtm() dtw()
dty() errcode() errtext() exp()
flag() fmtdatetime() fmtshortdate() fmtshorttime()
getdatetime() getticks() int() isclear()
isnull() isunicode() jst() left()
len() list() ln() locale()
log() low() max() mid()
min() mod() msgcancelled() not()
pick() pos() pwr() replace()
replaceall() rgb() right() rnd()
row() rpos() shift() sin()
sqr() stgettext() style() styledtohtml()
tan() tracelog() trim() unichr()
unicode() upp() useradians()