Omnis Notation Reference

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July 2019
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$root Notation

The root of the Omnis notation tree.

$root $root.$components $root.$constants
$root.$datas $root.$devices $root.$extobjects
$root.$hashvardefs $root.$hashvars $root.$imenus
$root.$iremoteforms $root.$iremotetasks $root.$ireports
$root.$itasks $root.$itoolbars $root.$iwindows
$root.$libs $root.$modes $root.$prefs
$root.$sessionpools $root.$sessions


Notation common to various types of tree node.

ITEM.$cvardefs ITEM.$cvars ITEM.$ivardefs
ITEM.$ivars ITEM.$methods Standard DAM Session Methods
Standard DAM Session Properties Standard DAM Statement Methods Standard DAM Statement Properties
Standard Events Standard Group Methods Standard methods
Standard Properties

External Objects

Notation specific to Omnis external components.

DOM_CDATASection DOM_Comment DOM_Document
DOM_DocumentFragment DOM_DocumentType DOM_Element
DOM_Entity DOM_EntityReference DOM_NamedNodeMap
DOM_NodeList DOM_Notation DOM_ProcessingInstruction


Notation for other items not attached to the notation tree.

Generic HWND List
List defined from SQL class List row Remote Menu Instance
Top Level HWND Tree node