Omnis Web Services (OWS) component

The Omnis Web Services (OWS) component lets you integrate WSDL based Web Services into your Omnis applications, or publish your Omnis code as a Web Service using WSDL. For accessing REST based Web Services or creating your own, consider using the new RESTful Web Services support introduced in Omnis Studio 6.1: see the What's New page for more information.

The Omnis Web Services (OWS) component opens up the Omnis Studio IDE to interoperability with existing third-party Web Services for adding application features and functionality. Omnis Studio enables developers to extend their Omnis web applications by allowing interaction with other services and application components offered elsewhere on the Web. In addition, developers can publish Web Service methods from within their own Omnis Studio web applications to expose functionality to other applications in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment.

What are the Benefits?

By using the Omnis Web Services component, developers can enhance the functionality of their Omnis Studio applications with third-party Web Services and gain the following benefits:

Interoperability and Data Integrity

  • Better integration and reuse of tried and tested code and functionality in your apps
  • Access business functionality regardless of platform or implementation to link data
  • Exchange data across departments or businesses in disparate locations

Productivity and Innovation

  • Quickly integrate reusable application components to add functionality into your apps, opening up new and improved business solutions
  • Exchange data between different applications and different platforms
  • Modularize software to create new combinations for new customers and markets
  • Reduce complexity and development time

New Revenues and Greater Efficiency

  • Generate new revenue from enhanced or streamlined applications, together with more efficient use of existing resources
  • Third-party Web Services integration can make app development quicker and easier to maintain
  • Save on development time and maintenance costs


You can also download or view the Omnis Web Services brochure in PDF format:

English (73k)  |  German (157k)  |  French (157k)

OWS Documentation:    Omnis_Web_Services.pdf (1.5MB)

To develop with the OWS component, you must use the Omnis Studio Professional edition, version 4.2 or higher. To use the OWS component during development, you should purchase one development license per developer, whereas deployment is free of charge.
Please note that as of Omnis Studio 5.2, the OWS component can be found inside the Studio xcomp folder.

To purchase an OWS license, please contact your nearest sales representative.