Benefits of XML

The business benefits of using XML and XML-based systems are well documented in the IT media and on the internet itself. XML, or rather technologies that use XML as their basis, promise to provide the IT industry with greater standardization, interoperability, efficiency, and present the potential for many new technologies.

  • Platform Independent and Reusable

    XML is machine and platform independent so it can be exchanged between one system or network and another. Plus, once information is in XML format it can be reused for many different purposes for digital and printed publication.
  • Worldwide Standard

    XML is a standard language defined and ratified by the W3C consortium so it is not controlled or owned by any one company. This ensures the future of XML as an open standard employed by the whole IT industry
  • Information exchange

    Since XML is an agreed standard it affords a high degree of information exchange, in particular between networks, businesses and other interdependent organizations.
  • New Business opportunities

    The standardization and flexibility of XML mean that many existing business problems can be solved more efficiently, while many new business opportunities will arise that take advantage of XML. For example, XML has already revolutionized Content management, publishing & news syndication, and will transform many other areas of business, particularly those suited to automation.

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