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XML comes to Omnis!

oXML is an external component that allows you to manipulate and create XML documents in Omnis Studio. XML is becoming the standard format for data storage and information exchange across the whole B2B landscape. XML has already revolutionized several business sectors, including content management, information publishing, and news syndication, and its adoption looks set to continue throughout all areas of business, academic, and scientific computing.

XML support is implemented in Omnis Studio as an external component that uses the standard Document Object Model (DOM) level 2 API. The Omnis XML component is named "oXML" and will be available for all Windows, Unix, and Mac OS platforms.

The oXML component addresses the most basic XML requirement, namely the ability to parse and extract information from an XML document, and to generate new XML documents. It allows you to access XML documents using a standard set of methods provided by the DOM API.

Omnis TechNote

Click here to view an Omnis TechNote discussing how the oXML component is used.
An example library is also provided.

oXML Docs in the 'Extending Omnis' manual here.

Get oXML

Please note that the oXML component is provided at no additional charge and can be found inside the Omnis\xcomp folder.


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