What is DOM?

A standard API for manipulating documents...

The Document Object Model (DOM) is an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows you to build XML [and HTML] documents, navigate their structure, and add, modify, or delete elements and content. The oXML component uses the DOM Level 2 API, as defined on the W3C web site, to access XML documents. It is built upon source code provided by the so-called Xerces project, available as part of the Apache XML project.

For our purposes, the DOM provides a platform-independent interface to XML documents so that Omnis developers can use Omnis code and the notation to navigate and manipulate XML documents. DOM treats an XML document as a hierarchy of nodes, arranged in a tree structure, and accessible via its API and its methods. The methods available in the oXML component closely match those defined by the DOM, plus we have added some additional methods that speed up the process of building and creating documents. Go to the W3C web site to find out more about the DOM Level 2 API.

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