The high level and stability of the Omnis Environment allow us to concentrate on business solutions and user interface design rather than low-level coding issues. The fantastic support of both Omnis Software and the worldwide Omnis Developer Community is also a great factor in the longevity of our commitment to the product in this changing industry.
Alain Stouder, Smartway SA

The Geneva-based Smartway Software founded in 1993 produces vertical solutions for the legal and financial markets. The case management solution called SmartLex is used by more than 400 users throughout Switzerland since 1996. SmartLex is a complete time & cost tracking solution for the legal profession. It handles contact & case management, invoicing, electronic document management and legal procedures with knowledge management. With its Microsoft Office support, it interfaces itself with most of the applications of the Microsoft suite on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Developed mostly with Omnis 7.3, SmartLex is currently entering the migration phase to Omnis Studio. The web components introduced first in Omnis 7.3 circa 1996 have been used in SmartLex to allow remote workers to get access to electronic documents. However, the new web client technology of Omnis Studio, which allows the deployment of a full working application within an Internet browser, opens new dimensions for SmartLex customers.

Available in French, English and German, SmartLex is the second major product published by Smartway Software. The first one was developed in 1992 by some of the founders of the company that sells it and is called Cash-in!, a software available in French and German that tracks debt recovery and bankrupcy procedures according to the Swiss Federal Law. A third product called SmartWorks - which is very similar to SmartLex in functionality - is sold to the services industry market.

Smartway SA
Rue de l'est 4 CH-1207,
Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 718 32 20
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