Omnis Studio Product Activation

The following information applies to Omnis Studio versions 5.2 to 6.1.1 inclusive.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Omnis WebApp Server in Omnis Studio version 5.2 introduced the first Omnis Studio license to require Product Activation. With Omnis Studio version 6.x (up to 6.1.1 only), the Product Activation scheme was expanded to include: Omnis Studio SDK Licenses, Client Access Licenses (CALs), including EMU CALS, and Evaluation Licenses.

The enhanced Product Activation brings greater end user installation controls designed to prevent illegal copying and sharing of both Omnis Studio and your software application licenses. In addition, Omnis Studio 6.0 SDKs can be installed on up to five (5) licensed systems per developer to extend and support cross-platform development across a wider range of devices and environments. Note: The Exclusive Single User Runtime (ESU CAL) license is not subject to Product Activation.

Q: How does Omnis Studio Product Activation work?
A: When you first launch and serialize an Omnis Studio product, it will attempt to automatically activate. This requires that the server be connected to the Internet for activation to occur. Following this process your Omnis Studio product will be licensed and ready for use.

Q: What happens if Omnis Studio Product Activation fails?
A: If the activation fails because the system does not have access to the Internet when the Omnis Studio product is first launched and serialized, or due to some other communication error, you will be requested to complete the activation manually.

Manual activation requests can be submitted using this form.

Q: How do I switch my activated Omnis Studio license to another system?
A: To allow you to switch your Omnis Studio activated license to another system, you can deactivate your current Omnis product using the Deactivate option in the Tools menu in your Omnis Studio product. Having deactivated your current Omnis Studio product, you can install and serialize your Omnis Studio product on a new system.

Q: How do I perform the manual deactivation?
A: In the event that you need to perform a manual deactivation when access to the Internet is not available or you have a hardware failure, you will need to provide your Hardware ID. This is displayed as a field in the Omnis Studio About box, just below Company Name. The Hardware ID can be selected and copied to the clipboard.

If you need to get the Hardware ID of the end user (you have created your own About box in your app and wish to display it there for example), then you can use sys(227) in Omnis code to return the Hardware ID.

Manual deactivation requests can be submitted using this form.

Q: How can my end users activate Omnis Studio when external access is strictly prohibited?
A: Under certain circumstances in which automatic or manual end user Product Activation is not possible and where access to external networks is highly restricted for security reasons, an alternative product activation procedure is available to Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP) members only. In this instance, please contact your local Omnis sales representative for assistance.

Additional questions?
If you experience any problems or if you have additional questions concerning Omnis Studio 6.0 product activation, please contact your respective Omnis sales or support office location for further assistance.