Omnis Online Documentation

Omnis Software Ltd.
March 2019

About this documentation

This collection combines all of the main Omnis manuals, previously available as separate online manuals and as downloadable PDF files.

Offline/PDF versions of individual manuals are still available from although the online documentation is likely to be more up-to-date than the corresponding PDF archive.

Using the search feature

Search online docs for documents containing the search term. The search is case-insensitive and is liable to truncation for search terms which generate over 100 results. pressing Enter inside the search term also triggers the search.
Clears the previous search term along with any highlighted search results.
Copies the last page selected from the table of contents as a URL and stores it in the clipboard. When pasted into an HTML browser, the online documentation will open at the selected page.
Click and drag to resize the table of contents relative to the main content pane.

If you are new to Omnis Studio

When you start Omnis Studio you will see the Hub in the Studio Browser (if this is not showing press F2) which provides information to help you get started in Omnis Studio. You can look at the example Omnis applications under the Applets and Samples options: you can open each example in your web browser or within Omnis itself and you can examine the Omnis code in the associated library under the Libraries option in the Studio Browser.

You can read the Omnis Programming manual to learn about the general tasks and techniques required for creating Omnis applications. In addition, there are the Omnis Reference manuals containing information about all the Commands, Functions, and Notation available in Omnis, together with a comprehensive Help system available from within the Omnis development environment using the F1 key.