Omnis Technical Note TNID0001

Transferring Your Customised Component Store Between Versions of Omnis Studio

For Omnis Studio
By Omnis Technical Support

How do I get my custom components library from Studio 2.0 to 2.x?

It is possible to copy new Class Items from Studio 2.0 in to version 2.x. However, this cannot be achieved by overwriting the new library with one from a previous version.

Use the following steps to convert the required Class Items:

1. In Studio 2.0 check that ALL of the Class Items that you require from the Component Store are
    NEW Class Items. The conversion process will NOT recognise any modified Class Items.
    If necessary, duplicate the Class Items and give them new names.

2. Copy the library (COMPS.LBS) to a safe location.

3. After completing the installation/upgrade to Studio 2.x. Load Omnis 2.x and open the
    COMPCOPY.LBS library from the directory '...\OS21\convert', this will open a Copy Custom
    Components dialog window.

4. Use the Browse button to point to your original library and click Next. This will display a Listbox
    of the differences between the libraries.

5. BEFORE clicking Next, ensure that all of the Class Items that you require to be copied are selected
    in the associated Copy Tick box(s). Deselect any Class Items that you do not require. For each
    selected Class Item use the DropDown box on the 'Component Store Type' and select the
    appropriate type kClassStoreHidden means that it will NOT be displayed kCompStoreTemplate is
    the common setting kCompStoreWizard is to be used for Wizards only kCompStoreNewClassDefault
    will set this Class Item as the selection default kCompStoreDesignObject is NOT to be used If
    necessary, the Component Store Type can be changed at a later period by opening the
    Component Store in the library browser and right clicking on the required Class Item (see figure 2).

6. Click Next to copy the selected Class Items to the Studio 2.x library.

7. Close and then reload Omnis 2.x and the Class Items will be present.

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