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DAMs Technical Notes

Omnis Data Access Modules

Connecting to External Databases

Omnis Data Access Modules (DAMs) plug-in to Omnis, enabling native and multi-tier connection to proprietary Database Management Systems (DBMS).

To connect to proprietary databases (other than Omnis datafiles, SQLite datafiles, MySQL and PostgreSQL) you need the Professional edition of Omnis Studio. Depending on the database vendor you may also need to install the appropriate third-party clientware on each machine that will be connecting to the database server. Two-tier DAMs use this clientware to complete the connection to the remote database server.

Clientware Configuration

This page contains a list of third party clientware you can use for each supported platform and DAM combination.

Database Connectivity

Where possible, we provide cross-platform support for DAMs, enabling you to deploy your application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users. This page lists the DAMs we provide with Omnis Studio and describes the attributes of each.

Client Server Model

This page describes the different connection options supported by Omnis Studio to various third-party database systems.

DAMs Technical Notes

In addition to the information contained here, there are numerous Omnis technotes detailing issues commonly encountered using DAMs.

Third-party DAMs

In addition to the DAMs provided with Omnis Studio, FrontBase Inc also produce and maintain DAMs for Omnis Studio. Please click and navigate to the Download section.

ODPP Downloads

Revisions and modifications made to Omnis DAMs are periodically made available for download from the ODPP download area.

Omnis File Archive

Older DAMs are available for download via the Omnis File Browser.

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