Upcoming Events

c't <WebDev> developer conference, Cologne, Germany, 6 + 7 February 2019

c't <webdev>

We will sponsor the c't <webdev> developer conference in Cologne, Germany, at which we will present the new Omnis Studio 10. Omnis developer Christoph Schwerdtner from Schwerdtner Medizin-Software GmbH, will deliver a presentation about how Omnis Studio helped him to create the Q-MED mobile app for simplifying aeromedical certification processes for pilots and air traffic controllers (see the case study: https://omnis.net/successstories/qmed.jsp). More information about the conference: https://ctwebdev.de/ 

Omnis Developer Conference USA, Denver CO, April 30 - May 1, 2019

Omnis Developer Conference USA

Update and expand your knowledge about Omnis Studio 10 with Bob Mitchell, Omnis Engineering Manager, including Free-type Method Editor, Remote Debugging, New or updated Omnis JS Client and Fat client components, Omnis Datafile Migration, Accessibility, and the New Omnis Road Map. Full conference info and registration here.

Omnis Regional Conference / Omnis-Regionalkonferenz, Wesel Germany, 22 + 23 May, 2019

Omnis Regional Conference

The Omnis Regional Conference in May is for Omnis developers in German speaking countries, and for English speaking developers in Scandinavia, Benelux, and elsewhere - we will be highlighting Omnis Studio 10, the new Method Editor, Remote Objects, Accessibility, and more. The conference features the same session tracks in German and English, running side by side: attendees can attend whatever tracks they want. The conference can be booked for one or two days, with the option of hotel accommodation, evening meals and breakfast included. More details and Registration to follow soon.

Past Events

Aplicaciones Omnis para el desarrollo empresarial, Quito, Equador, 2 Octubre 2018

Aplicaciones Omnis para el desarrollo empresarial

Quito, 2 Octubre 2018, Aplicaciones Omnis – Contactos para conocer las aplicaciones o iniciar nuevos proyectos de desarrollo – Presentar las características técnicas y el futuro de Omnis Studio. Más información...

EurOmnis Conference, Germany, 7 - 12 October, 2018




Run by developers, for developers, Euromnis 2018 is being held from 7th-12th October. This year, the worldwide Omnis developer conference will be held at "Burg Hemmersbach", near Cologne (Köln). Please see http://www.euromnis.com/ for full details and to register your place at the best possible prices.

Conferencia de los Desarrolladores Omnis República Dominicana, 17 Septiembre 2018, 2018

Conferencia de los Desarrolladores Omnis República Dominicana

Omnis Studio Developer Conference y Aplicaciones para el Desarrollo Empresarial, 17 de septiembre de 2018, incluidas las nuevas características técnicas de Omnis Studio y su desarrollo futuro. Más información...

Conférence Omnis Software France, 6 Juin, 2018

Conférence Omnis Software France

Rejoignez-nous le 6 juin à Paris, découvrez la stratégie commerciale et technique d'Omnis et de la société. Plus d'info...