What is XML?

Your basic questions answered

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) allows you to store, exchange and display data or information in a structured and efficient way. In this respect it is no different from most existing data formats, except that XML provides a higher degree of standardization and flexibility than many other proprietary technologies, opening up many new and exciting opportunities in business computing and information technology.

XML allows you to store structured documents or data as text and provides you with a way of manipulating, transforming, and presenting your data in many different formats. For example, information or data stored in an XML document can be displayed in a web browser using a Cascading Style Sheet. In addition, when XML documents are stored in a database they can be queried and retrieved much like any other data source.

There are many sources of information about XML on the Internet, including www.xml.com. More links are available in the oXML manual accompanying the product.

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