What Developers are saying about Omnis Studio...

“I have been developing applications in Omnis since 1989, and to date I haven't seen any other development software that could match the efficiency of Omnis. So far I have developed three generations of our formulation software THE DRUID, and the practical and easy-to-use development environment in Omnis has always provided me with a very reliable foundation. Added to this, the support from Omnis is simply phenomenal: many other vendors should take this as the standard!”

Daniel Herbert, JOVIS enterprises ltd, Switzerland

“The outstanding productivity of the Omnis web technology enabled us to develop the BBO system in a short time and with relatively few resources. We would not have been able to achieve such high functionality and performance over the web with any other development environment.”

Holger Küchenmeister, Director of Omnis development at Electronic Partner, Europe's largest electrical retailer.

“I've been using Omnis since 1985, love it, love what keeps on being done to improve it...  I'm so happy that Studio runs so solidly and Omnis were the great people who made it possible”

Doug Easterbrook, Arts Management Systems Ltd. Canada

By using Omnis Studio to develop and support Freedom, Catalina Software are able to leverage faster development and easier ongoing support- Omnis Studio is key to the profitability of our business

Graeme Whiting, Managing Director & founder of Catalina Software Ltd.

The Omnis development and runtime environments continue to work year after year, providing support for new operating systems and advances in computing technology such as XML and the web.
"One of the big advantages in Omnis, I find, is the speed of deployment when making changes to your application. Normally it is easy to create an application framework, but making changes to the framework is, at least in the case of our app, the part of development which consumes the most time. A development environment that minimizes turnover time is a real plus. I have also found that the number of developers of a Studio app is almost always less than when using other development environments...
...Another aspect of Omnis I have always been able to rely on, is that in just about all cases I was able to find workarounds to problems and was not faced with completely unsolveable problems. No development environment is perfect, but Omnis Studio comes pretty close when it comes to creating database frontend applications.

Rudolf Bargholz, Chief Software Developer and joint Managing Director of Online Travel Services AG, Zurich- the leading software development company for the travel industry in Switzerland.

"I only need to use one single tool [Omnis Studio] for creating different solutions: stand-alone, client-server, html-based systems, web-services and web client-based systems... ...This saves a lot of time and effort for me, allowing me to concentrate on developing the concepts, strategies and total solutions."  

Sten-Erik Björling- Enviro Data, Sweden

"...the advertising sector moves quickly, so as a key supplier we need to be able to move quickly as and when required. Omnis gives J+D Software just the right environment to respond.

Stefan Dörrstein- J+D Software AG

“When we found out about the great Omnis web client technology we decided to rebuild our old software.
We wanted to create an innovative application for both LANs and the Internet. Thanks to Omnis web client, we now have WebPyramid

Fabrizio Ponti - Manager of Omnis development, WebPyramid Srl         

Thanks to the good support by the Omnis Support team we have been able- although being newbies to Omnis- to create a prototype quickly and... the Omnis VCS was a big help”   

 Dagmar Strobel - senex GmbH

“We wanted to create the best and most stable software product and to keep the development time as short as possible. Omnis Studio allowed us to do this, while allowing us to customize Target Cross CRM to the demands of every customer...”

Stefano Bonato - Technical manager Target Cross CRM Software

“Omnis Studio technology allows us to optimize our development time, and rapidly update Matrix to comply with all the changes in regulations required by building contractors. This has allowed us to create one of the most successful ERP solutions for the construction industry.”

Sandro Pizzolato - Sales Manager, 888 Software Products S.r.l.

“We chose Omnis because of its ability to support Apple's Mac Classic and OS X as well as other operating systems...
Omnis Studio provides us the flexibility and speed of development required in our constantly changing business - we have yet to find another tool that provides this.”

Gary Schaecher - President and Founder TMA Systems, LLC

"Omnis has been the ultimate development tool for us to deliver what our clients demand - fast paced, responsive development..."

David Blaymires - Managing Director, Instinct Systems Pty Ltd., Australia

“Three experienced VDA Omnis developers worked on [our conversion project], resulting in a conversion environment with a successful conversion rate of 99%, including the conversion of V2 DAMs... by the beginning of 2006 the ERP application was fully converted.”

Rick Hagen - VDA Informatiebeheersing   

“We appreciate the enormous functional range of Omnis Studio which is very well organised and easy to use. This allows us to focus our application development on what the customer needs.”    

Sven Tiemann - Developer,
Abraxas Juris AG
"We use leading technology tools such as Omnis Studio to develop our software solutions, which allows us to pay special attention to quality and performance.”

Michele Grande - CEO Camì Srl   
“Omnis Studio has made the process of replacing our existing ERP system simple to manage, debug and maintain, and has spared time to make enhancements along the way.”

Andrew Lumley - Systems Analyst, PWS Distributors Limited
“The flexibility and power of Omnis affords us the agility to react to new product developments with limited developer resources at a speed that simply would not be possible in any other development environment.”

James Welsh - Systems Developer, Sharps Bedrooms Ltd

  “The main advantage of developing in Omnis Studio is that we only develop on one platform. The exact same code will run on both Mac OS X and Windows without any modifications. Once the entry level was passed, the speed of programming is now really fast and we enjoy a very short time to market.”    

Mats Olsson - Managing Director, ADJob Nordic AB, Sweden    

"It would have been impossible to expand our application to cope with the pressing requests for changes and customizations from our customers without Omnis Studio. In this area, Omnis Studio proved to be much more productive than other IDEs such as VB or .Net"

Roberto Targa - CEO and founder of SoftLab.

“Omnis is the tool of choice that allows us to take complex user requirements and produce elegant, easy-to-use solutions.”  
Paul Mulroney - Head programmer, Logical Developments.

“Omnis provides great flexibility in creating forms and reports. This flexibility, and the speed with which modifications and enhancements can be made, were the determining factor for us in choosing Omnis. We make modifications and enhancements to our system all the time and it’s very easy to do this ourselves with Omnis Studio.“

Robert Maier - Managing Director Kälte + Shop Service GmbH  

“I have used Omnis since 1985, starting with Omnis 2 on Apple II, then Omnis 3, 5 and 7. My company is now using Omnis Studio on Mac OS X and Windows. In all these years, I have never needed to move to another tool. Omnis has always satisfied the needs of a programmer.”

Guido Kestens - Managing Director Just Software

“Omnis Studio and OS X allowed us to create an application that looks like it came from inside Apple®... The industrial strength of Omnis Studio has allowed us to create a recipe management tool with features that have never been seen before - yet still be easy to use.”

Larry Barcot - CEO and Founder of TheDataManager Inc.

“I still can't believe what I have done with Omnis all these years and it still amazes me with its flexibility even with all new state-of-the-art transponders, decoders, live web updates and interface to the SMS gateway I have added to the latest application. Kudos to Omnis Software for keeping Omnis 7 alive and kicking for guys like me”

Nick Andritsakis - Chief Omnis developer with Infomega Race Results.

“Using Omnis Studio means that revisions to FieldLink can be accomplished with a short turnaround time and
submodules can be deployed as soon as they become available without waiting for a major version release”

“I am using Omnis Studio for a very successful ultra-thin web application for the following reasons:-
1. I needed to develop something FAST and I knew the tool (Omnis) very well.
2. I needed well-structured readable code and a good Version Control System.
3. I needed a great debugger.
4. I needed a language with great list-handling capabilities and easy access to a SQL database.

The project has been successful due to the ease of coding and testing and debugging in Omnis.”

Jim Pistrang - CIO for IETC